The zestful BAD BOYS FOR LIFE proves life can begin after 50

We are partying like its 1995 in ‘Bad Boys For Life’ as Belgian directing duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah inject streams of wit and vitality into a series that left a sour taste in many mouths some 17 years ago. The only way was up for the iconic Will Smith-Martin Lawrence vehicle whenContinue reading “The zestful BAD BOYS FOR LIFE proves life can begin after 50”

BRIGHT – The bastard descendant of Lord of the Rings emerges

‘Bright’ feels original and fleetingly ambitious with its meshing of fantastical elements and hard-knock policing to envision Los Angeles some 2000 years after the battle of Helms Deep. But it’s a bit of a wreck. You realize the film is fighting a losing battle when it starts with a bland montage likening Orcs to AfricanContinue reading “BRIGHT – The bastard descendant of Lord of the Rings emerges”


Concussion is the kind of film with the lead character you expect around awards season – the kind that feels it sports an uplifting and poignant story/message like some regal kente cloth. They are confidently cast in a mould that will ostensibly appeal to the major award academies and look good on the best pictureContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; CONCUSSION”


Fathers’ day is here and as always peeps are falling over themselves trying to make it extra relevant like a certain Mothers’ day. No problem with that, at least the world cup is here and the best gift for fathers will be to just give them the remote and, more importantly, silence for the next month.Continue reading “FATHERS’ DAY SPECIAL; TOP OF THE POPS IN FILM”