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SEMBENE! – The tragedy of African Cinema

The 2015 documentary, Sembene! is a welcome tribute to the father of African cinema, Ousmane Sembene. We spend a chunk of the film soaking in co-director (alongside Jason Silverman), Samba Gadjigo’s reverence for the Senegalese filmmaker as he recounts the impact of Sembene, decades before they eventually met. “When I was 14 I dreamed of… Continue reading SEMBENE! – The tragedy of African Cinema

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FILM REVIEW; Ousmane Sembène’s EMITAI

Ousmane Sembène’s 1971 film, Emitai, is fueled by a spirit of resistance that resonates decades on. The fact it wasn’t released in Sembene’s home country of Senegal and censored in other francophone countries endorses the strength of its message in a time when colonialism was something more tangible than chapters in textbooks. The film narrows… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; Ousmane Sembène’s EMITAI