ALOE VERA offers some charm in its vibrant retort to irrational tribalism

Frenzy on the staircase. A packed cinema lobby and sold-out screenings. No, Disney did not spring a Black Panther sequel on us out of the blue. It was Peter Sedufia’s latest feature, ‘Aloe Vera’, that holds the torch as the biggest film released in Ghanaian cinemas so far in 2020. The support from the GhanaianContinue reading “ALOE VERA offers some charm in its vibrant retort to irrational tribalism”


Is it insensitive of me to wonder if the hidden subtitle for Keteke is: “testing the boundaries of a miscarriage”? A chunk of this film, directed by Peter Sedufia, features a heavily pregnant wife, climbing up hills in scorching heat, running through plains and carting absurdly bulky luggage when a feather would be deemed too heavy forContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; KETEKE”