The relegation of setting to mere props in Ghanaian cinema

For the initiated, it will be no hot take to say there are criminally underused elements in Ghanaian filmmaking. When was the last time you saw a film from the point of view of an aging protagonist (hell, middle aged), our screen writers have seemingly decided they do not exist. How about a film anchoredContinue reading “The relegation of setting to mere props in Ghanaian cinema”


Fiifi Coleman’s directorial debut, Pieces of Me, continues the low-key notable trend of female driven narratives in Ghanaian cinema. Written by, Awo Ahiable, maybe it was just common sense for her to stick to characters she could understand and identify with in this film that is pushed forward by a degree vindictiveness. Audience’s reception toContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; PIECES OF ME”


In my news picks this week we start at home with the local juice filling local theatres this weekend as Fiifi Coleman’s (Ties that Bind, Adams Apple) debut feature, Pieces of Me, premiers this week. Scripted by Awo Ahiable, this film continues in the seldom appreciated trend of female driven stories in the higher strata ofContinue reading “FILM-CAP; PIECES OF ME, MARVEL VILLAINS, SPOILERS…”