The year reaches its mid-point as always and peeps come out with their mid-year pointers as they always do and the year has proven to be one of highs and lows like every other year ever and as usual, I jump on this clichéd bandwagon. This year I have been putting my information science degreeContinue reading “2015 MID YEAR REVIEW”


A while back I did a little griping on the overindulgence with the romance genre by filmmakers and audiences alike in Ghana. This was at the turn of the year when I was looking forward to the potential of some variance from the first two Ghanaian cinematic offerings, Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Grey Dawn and PascalContinue reading “ROMANCEXPLOITATION”


It has been a bit of an ordeal trying to give face to Ghanaian cinema. Most films struggle to be decent, some don’t even try but the thing that bugs me the most is our fixation with romance. One look at the Best picture nominees from last year’s industry says it all; Why Should IContinue reading “WHY SETTLE FOR JUST ROMANCE?”