THE EQUALIZER 2 – Thrills are sacrificed for heart in this uneven sequel

Thespian demigod Denzel Washington makes his sequel debut in the ‘The Equalizer 2’. He’s the apparent last man standing in old man action sub-genre. His return as the ruthless avenging vigilante, Robert McCall, whilst a novelty, isn’t immune to some albatrosses that held back similar sequels. The battle of recycling and refreshing a tried andContinue reading “THE EQUALIZER 2 – Thrills are sacrificed for heart in this uneven sequel”


Having your favorite 5 or 10 films ever is a bit of cliché but nonetheless a cliché I too would like to indulge in. The problem is as someone who has only really been in to film for the better part of the last 7 years I feel like I should be looking to experienceContinue reading “MY A to Z OF FILM”


Denzel Washington added the action star tag to his repertoire, like Liam Neeson. But, per my experience, Neeson is the one most people rave on about because of his impressive Taken debut. Washington, however, has an enviable track record of action thrillers (Man on Fire, De Ja Vu, Safe House) and the box office numbersContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; THE EQUALIZER”