My favorite films of 2018

Been a while since I actually sat down to do an end of year list for the blog. I always worry that I don’t see enough films anymore. I long for the days of uni when I was taking my pick of films curated from all over the world; when my film of the yearContinue reading “My favorite films of 2018”

Black Panther and Ryan Coogler’s definition of Africa

The rambling below contains spoilers to Black Panther!!! Just how angry is Ryan Coogler, If he is at all? That’s been one of the questions on my mind having seen ‘Black Panther’. Marvel gave Coogler the keys to the Black Panther vehicle and he took them to the promised land, delivering an incredibly personal film, Continue reading “Black Panther and Ryan Coogler’s definition of Africa”

BLACK PANTHER – Coogler’s tragic longing for the Black American utopia

My biggest fear going into ‘Black Panther’ was that director Ryan Coogler would serve up a righteous narrative fuelled by Fela’s ‘Water No Get Enemy’. A story riding milking the idea of the untouched African country, untainted by European occupiers and firmly in control of its destiny. Conceived by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby inContinue reading “BLACK PANTHER – Coogler’s tragic longing for the Black American utopia”