Ghanaian cinema has made strides over the last 7 or so years since I got out of boarding school and these strides have largely been made in the right direction which is great. The caveat here is I’m mostly referring to the top tier of Ghanaian films which consists of theatrical and high profile direct-to-videoContinue reading “LOOKING FOR GHANA IN GHANAIAN CINEMA”


Fiifi Coleman’s directorial debut, Pieces of Me, continues the low-key notable trend of female driven narratives in Ghanaian cinema. Written by, Awo Ahiable, maybe it was just common sense for her to stick to characters she could understand and identify with in this film that is pushed forward by a degree vindictiveness. Audience’s reception toContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; PIECES OF ME”


A while back I did a little griping on the overindulgence with the romance genre by filmmakers and audiences alike in Ghana. This was at the turn of the year when I was looking forward to the potential of some variance from the first two Ghanaian cinematic offerings, Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Grey Dawn and PascalContinue reading “ROMANCEXPLOITATION”


Pascal Aka’s Double Cross has something televisual about it and I’m not just referencing the style opening credits. From the onset, it felt like you had either arrived late to the screening or there was a whole 40 min prologue lying on the cutting floor. Early on, the two central characters, Effie Howard (Ama K.Continue reading “FILM REVIEW; DOUBLE CROSS”


It has been a bit of an ordeal trying to give face to Ghanaian cinema. Most films struggle to be decent, some don’t even try but the thing that bugs me the most is our fixation with romance. One look at the Best picture nominees from last year’s industry says it all; Why Should IContinue reading “WHY SETTLE FOR JUST ROMANCE?”


I was kind of itching to see this film in 2013 because I was looking forward to seeing how Shirley would handle a straightforward crime thriller but having seen it, I can’t say the end product makes for thrilling viewing. Potomanto, directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso, stars Adjetey Anang, Olu Jacobs, Yvonne Okoro in a filmContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; POTOMANTO”


In the past month, I’ve been looking to delve into the annals of Ghanaian high art and popular cinema. Kwa Ansah’s much-acclaimed Heritage Africa with other cinematic products such as Nana King’s Beast Within and A. Hackman’s Not Without, come off as noticeable landmarks in our cinematic history and oh, so will Kumasi’s gift toContinue reading “KUMAWOOD”