Darron Aronofsky’s Noah just started showing at Silverbird and hopefully by the end of the week I should have seen it. Despite being based on the biblical Noah and the Ark story I am not expecting anything remotely accurate to scripture. I personally found it nonsensical that some of the Christian section of the cinemaContinue reading “NOAH AND just maybe JONAH IN THEATRES”


After my second look at Philomena, I was even more impressed at how emotionally gripping and satisfying the drama is. I’ve always had gripes with on-screen Christian portrayals in cinema. I find them to be somewhat caricatures or barely believable or just plain stupid. Very few films give us characters that strike the right balanceContinue reading “LOOKING INTO PHILOMENA”

The thing about EXPECTATIONS in cinema

Expectations go hand in hand with lots of things and film is at the top of that list. Most films I know of are for the most part made for people and with that come certain demands on the filmmaker. I’m sitting here presuming all filmmakers strive to satisfy the masses which isn’t entirely trueContinue reading “The thing about EXPECTATIONS in cinema”


I was kind of itching to see this film in 2013 because I was looking forward to seeing how Shirley would handle a straightforward crime thriller but having seen it, I can’t say the end product makes for thrilling viewing. Potomanto, directed by Shirley Frimpong-Manso, stars Adjetey Anang, Olu Jacobs, Yvonne Okoro in a filmContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; POTOMANTO”


In the past month, I’ve been looking to delve into the annals of Ghanaian high art and popular cinema. Kwa Ansah’s much-acclaimed Heritage Africa with other cinematic products such as Nana King’s Beast Within and A. Hackman’s Not Without, come off as noticeable landmarks in our cinematic history and oh, so will Kumasi’s gift toContinue reading “KUMAWOOD”


The last time, I was moaning about how Christian movies were basically rubbish and how they reveled in their mediocrity and use of the Gospel as an excuse for second-rate end product. I also touched on how the characters presented to us were almost always boring and one dimensional. I’m all about being gripped byContinue reading “MY PICKS; BELIEVERS IN FILM”