DETROIT – A chilling and prescient ordeal of blood and fire

There are some parallels between Jordan Peele’s dark comedy Get Out and Katherine Bigelow’s Detroit. At the centre of the latter, a film set in the heat of the 1967 Detroit riots and uprising, is the incendiary matter of race relations, made even more so by the portrayals of vicious police brutality and at itsContinue reading “DETROIT – A chilling and prescient ordeal of blood and fire”

UNA – A complex uncomfortable child abuse drama

How much hate should we harbour for the paedophile Una presents to us? That’s the only feeling that needs calibrating as we contextualize the vice hovering above the two central characters in this film by first-time director Benedict Andrews. The strong performances on show may have you dithering for a minute – second chances right.Continue reading “UNA – A complex uncomfortable child abuse drama”

ROTI – Loss, grief and reincarnation according to Afolayan

Nigerian director Kunye Afolayan explores grief and its manifestations in his latest film, Roti. A husband and wife have their son stripped away from them by death in a manner that seems cruelly foreshadowed by the gods. The mother, Diane (Kate Henshaw) has suffered a slew of miscarriages and still births over the course ofContinue reading “ROTI – Loss, grief and reincarnation according to Afolayan”