A MONSTER CALLS – A heart-wrenching fable about grief

The closest I’ve come to being overcome with grief was when one of my granddads died 10 years ago. He was about 76 but I reckon he had a good ten years left in him given the surprising circumstances. His passing didn’t hurt though. Yes, I was sad but life went on smoothly. One dayContinue reading “A MONSTER CALLS – A heart-wrenching fable about grief”

Ousmane Sembene’s CEDDO – Everyone wants a piece of the Africa action

One of the earliest sequences in 1977’s Ceddo involves a barter of men for goods. A man in this 18th-century Senegalese village with a rifle strapped on his shoulder, leads two men, presumably ceddo (outsiders) like a pair of antelopes, to a white trader who happens to barter in you regular stuff like yams, chickens, maizeContinue reading “Ousmane Sembene’s CEDDO – Everyone wants a piece of the Africa action”


John Wick: Chapter Two left me with a lot to muse on for a film ostensibly with the simplest of narratives. For one, it is the first R-rated film I’ve seen in a packed theatre. The squeals of girls at the plentiful head shots were a welcome addition to the experience. There was a uniformContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; JOHN WICK: CHAPTER TWO”