Below are the Broken Cliche films of the year in no particular order.

Ex Machina ex-machina_cinema-1341

I saw Ex Machina again a week before writing this and Oscar Isaac just operates with a sense of supreme thespian entitlement. That dance sequence is just dripping with the swagger of an actor in his prime. The film itself remains cerebrally and philosophically thought provoking and visually alluring. What makes us human? Alex Garland presents a bleak answer that gratifies us cynics. Full Review…

October 1october-1-2

An African film makes my end of year list for the first time. There is a little bias in that selection but October 1 truly was impressive and like I said earlier, 2015 was about new experiences. October 1 gave me that in a vision of pre/post-colonial Nigeria that serves as the provocative canvas for a simple whodunit. Full Review…

Mad Max; Fury Roadmaxresdefault

The guitarist in the red onsie is being snubbed this awards season. Disappointing. The film is however getting some love beyond our favorite rabid guitarist. Everyone responded to George Miller’s pure and manic apocalyptic vision. His overwhelming execution of practical stunts and direction was just what the world needed coming of the toy ad that was Age of Ultron. Full Review…

Glass Chinglass-chin

Terrific supporting performances bolstering up a sweet screenplay dripping with tasty dialogue and Corey Stall, who is understatedly brilliant as lead here. Glass Chin ultimately makes this list because of its heavenly sound track and introducing me to the glorious Laura Nyro. Full Review…

A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night1118full-a-girl-walks-home-alone-at-night-screenshot

The one film that come close to being my undisputed number one film of 2015. Noir, satire, pastiche, feminism-ish, hypnotic visuals, Mozhan Marnò – Ana Lily Amirpour plays a strong hand here to produce an eclectically remarkable piece of cinema. Full Review…

Second ComingNadine Marshall and Idris Elba in Second Coming.

A truly compelling debut from debbie tucker green. She keeps her distance in this film and revels in the ambiguity she creates amidst genuine interest and empathy for her central characters. Full Review…

Slow West slow-west

A beautiful but violent portrait of the Wild West like I’ve never seen before. This love story of a death foretold smells rosy and is filled with colour and surprisingly diverse cultures but punctuated by death. Full Review…


Kajaki will play as a horror film for soldiers. It is excruciatingly tense and patiently woven together maintaining utmost reverence for the characters onscreen.. Full Review…

Clouds of Sils Mariasilsmariacover

Less is more in cinema as they say. Oliver Assayas, Juliet Binoche and Kirsten Stewart give an exhibition in understated gravitas. Subtlety be what. Full Review…

The Revenant the-revenant-trailer

Probably the best film this year on an objective spectrum. Iñárritu’s projection of true grit and punishing resilience is the complete spectacle masterpiece of 2015. Visually outstanding, tremendous dexterity with the camera and glorious thespian heft helmed by a man at the top of the directorial food chain. Full Review…

Honourable mentions: The Hateful Eight, The Kingsmen, Sicario, Star Wars; The Force Awakens, Rogue Nation and Creed.

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