As I’ve grown as a fan of cinema and a pseudo film intellectual I’ve come to develop a fondness and fascination with the handling of violence in film. I feel like the first time I heard the word “violence’ my mom was chastising my dad for allowing me to watch all those Steven Seagal andContinue reading “EXPLORING VIOLENCE IN FILM”


In the week I realised how little I care about Back to the Future my film-cap as usual starts with a few plugs: I put up a review of Robert Zemeckis’ The Walk along with Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation. Do check out what I thought about them. Fukunaga all but confirmed my assertionsContinue reading “FILM-CAP; RACISM, GHOSTS, INTERCEPTION…”


A lot of the build-up enveloping Cary Fukunaga’s Beasts of No Nation focused on the first foray into feature film production by the video streaming company Netflix. This move has garnered some bad blood from major studios and cinema multiplexes for obvious reasons. Fukunaga’s film went on to screen at the Venice and Toronto filmContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; BEASTS OF NO NATION”


In lieu of my indolent nature there was no Film-Cap last week although to be fair there wasn’t much film news that moved my needle. I saw the impressive Nigerian production, October 1, last week and I will state the obvious by asking you to check out my review. Reviews of The Martian, Sicario andContinue reading “FILM-CAP; DIE HARD ORIGIN STORY…”


Glass Chin probably wins me over from the very first shot with the glorious Laura Nyro’s Its Gonna Take a Miracle filtering through as the film’s protagonist, played by Corey Stall, jogs into view with his pooch on side. Glass Chin serves one of my favorite scripts this year by Noah Buschel, who also stands behindContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; GLASS CHIN”


I don’t have a strong grasp on the nuances surrounding the US war on drugs, but going by Denis Villeneuve’s latest thriller, I must say the war on drugs has morphed into plain war and that’s putting it simply. There are no codes here, no rules of engagement. Villenueve’s Sicario slowly ushers us into aContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; SICARIO”

Looking for Africa in African cinema

Today I gripe about Africa on the back of Kunle Afolayan’s impressive October 1. The little Pan African kid in me has been stirred. This piece is almost a spiritual follow up to my search for Ghana in Ghanaian cinema and I ask now for the Africa in African cinema. Indeed I should first askContinue reading “Looking for Africa in African cinema”


Kunle Afolayan’s October 1 arrives in theatres on the back of the Nigerian Independence Day. Much like the day it is set aside to commemorate, October 1 also serves us a paradox of how far we have come but, tellingly, how rooted we are in the murky waters of colonialism. Afolayan’s film uses a latter-day colonialContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; OCTOBER 1”


So cinephiles will be well aware of film sub-genres like the 90s weaponry porn, the more contemporary disaster porn, grisly torture porn and indeed regular old porn porn. Well in light of Ridley Scott’s The Martian, I present to you improvisation porn. I recall the most impressive bits of Apollo 13 being the sequences thatContinue reading “FILM REVIEW; THE MARTIAN”