The year reaches its mid-point as always and peeps come out with their mid-year pointers as they always do and the year has proven to be one of highs and lows like every other year ever and as usual, I jump on this clichéd bandwagon. This year I have been putting my information science degree to good use and started tracking the films I watch seeing as I watch tons of films each year and I felt break down would be stimulating although I wish I had done this in 2013 when I saw a record number of films – to say I was averaging 2 a day wouldn’t be far from the truth. I will have more on this later in the year but as at posting I’m at 95 viewings for 88 different films – don’t judge me.

I never like to dwell on the detestable but 3 films made my impish list; Get Hard, Double Cross and Chappie – the latter 2 which were extremely disappointing and the former which was just straight up horrendous drivel. On the brighter sides, action films really stepped forward to be counted from the gloriously slick John Wick to the edgy celebration of wit and violence in Kingsmen to the film everybody is afraid to hate; Furious 7 and then the there’s film everyone bending over to ass kiss – Mad Max: Fury Road. That said if ever there was a film that deserved some ass kissing it is George Millers film which has reminded purist of the practical genius action films should aspire to. It turns out there was even less CGI than I initially thought which simply amazing considering the insane stunts we see on screen. I only hope Fury Road serves as ground zero for a new dawn of action films box office takings notwithstanding but I digress, my highlights for the year so far in no particular order follow:



Clint Eastwood doubles down on the lack of ambiguity and holds fast to black and white/good vs evil paradigm that shrouds the central character which for the most holds true. Despite all the complaints, we never leave without thinking “it’s a helluva think killing a man”. Full review…american-sniper-6



This dark comedy from Marjane Satrapi has such a blushing cover you can almost smell it but it gets real interesting when we start to dig in to the core the film. Full review…voices_050714_1600



Matthew Vaughn and at his violent edgy enjoyable best. This Bond pastiche is probably a better Bond film than Skyfall to be honest. Spectre may knock it off my list come year ending though. Full review…kingsman-secret-service-2



Thoroughly engaging on a cerebral level, this chilling thriller reminds true Sci-Fi is about ideas and Alex Garland pools together terrific performances and a compelling script to deliver the one of the Sci-Fi films of the last decade. Full review…ex-machina_cinema-1341



This French film by Olivier Assayas probably has one of the scripts of the year as it pushes the limits of subtlety to great effect. This meta-textual film sees Kristen Stewart in top form with and exceptional Juliet Binoche on the side and I hope more folk get to see it. Full review…SilsMariaCover



Everything that needs to be said has been said except maybe some praise for Tom Hardy’s performance and the arch Miller gives him as he morphs from a near scraggy animal to rediscover some humanity in Charlize Theron’s Furiosa (who’s gotten the bulk of acclaim) and her companions – a definite film of the year. Can we start an Oscar campaign for the flame throwing guitarist in the red onesie though? Full review…5e25da37-61d7-44fd-a9a3-b2f5b8b5a791-620x372



The next chunk of 2015 promises to be terrific with films like Black Mass, Spectre, The Revenant and Crimson Peak along with some unknown surprises waiting in the wings. My fingers are crossed.


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Lover of the bleaker pleasures of cinema... and some good trash.

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