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A while back I did a little griping on the overindulgence with the romance genre by filmmakers and audiences alike in Ghana. This was at the turn of the year when I was looking forward to the potential of some variance from the first two Ghanaian cinematic offerings, Shirley Frimpong Manso’s Grey Dawn and Pascal… Continue reading ROMANCEXPLOITATION

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I’ve never been one for sentiment but Billy Elliot still gets me truly welled up each time I see it. Director Stephen Daldry uses the coal mining town of amidst the British miners’ strike of 1984 as the staging ground for this story filled with charm, boldness and most of all heart. Billy Elliot tells… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; BILLY ELLIOT

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As far as pure crime epics go, American Gangster ranks up there as truly unique. It is the juicy and remarkable true-life story of Harlem drug lord Frank Lucas and the New Jersey cop who eventually took him down, Richie Roberts. Think Black Godfather meets chubby Serpico. Aside the crime narrative, there is an underlying metaphor… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; AMERICAN GANGSTER

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Kalybos in China marks the big screen debut of Kalybos (Richard Asante) who was made popular as the main character of the YouTube series Boys Kasa. Now I haven’t seen any episode of the Boys Kasa series but I have seen the Kalybos appearances in the Airtel ads and they didn’t really move the needle for me comedy-wise. Twitchy slapstick appears to… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; KALYBOS IN CHINA

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The fact that Furious 7 marks the latest instalment in this 15-year franchise – over half my life – is in itself remarkable. There have been ups and downs (a lot more downs) along this 15-year ride and this film may not count as the best in the series – that honour goes to Fast… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; FURIOUS 7

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Australian writer-director Julius Avery’s serves us a bit of a tidy mess in his debut feature Son of a Gun which dances around various crime tropes like the young gun catching feelings for the bosses girl and the gritty and mundane prison drama and of course, the big heist. The film stars Ewan McGregor as a… Continue reading FILM REVIEW; SON OF A GUN