I was listening to one film podcast the other day and the guys on it were talking about first films they ever saw, whether it’s the first time you saw a horror film or the first time you saw an “R” rated film. I found that interesting and decided to chart some of my own film firsts.

Thanks to satellite TV and of course, my dad’s influence, I’ve been watching movies since, well, I could hear, see and read. My dad was big on films and naturally that rubbed of me. My mom_ not so much but that didn’t stop me.

There were so many categories I could have used for this like say first movie with a particular actor or first or first movie from a particular country but I’ve decided to just take the conventional approach and stick to genre and other major areas. Maybe later next week I’ll continue with kind of personal responses to movies like the first movie that made me cry or first movie I really really hated (step forward Michael Bay).

Of course, I may not remember the very first films I saw in a particular genre in most cases but there is that movie that lingers and feels ancient in my head.

I’ll start with the first comedy… and that would me The Mask. This I saw in the mid 90’s. I always watched the cartoon and when it was scheduled to show on M-Net I got my papa to record it for me and later watched with my legs wide open. I got to see Milo in great form, the ever-inept officer Doyle and of course Stanley Ipkiss himself. The plot and the humor were probably beyond me, but in fairness I didn’t really get most at that age but I still got good laughs out of Jim Carrey’s slap-stick humor and that Dirty Harry moment at the end.

Now action movies were every normal boy’s thing growing up. With even the lousiest of action set-pieces, they still came of as impressive to kids. Those were the days were my top ten actors list would have included Segal, Stallone, JCVD and Chuck Norris, I still love Norris though.

The earliest action movie I recall seeing was First Blood and its two sequels. This I clearly remember was in July 96. There was a Sly Stallone marathon on Movie Magic and papa made sure I saw got to see one of the 80’s cult action heroes for the first time. First Blood is by far the best in the series but back then I was really fascinated by the John Rambo of the following two films, the one that could fly a chopper, drive a tank, was a fantastic archer and let’s not forget the body count he left behind with his assortment of weapons. Oh and THAT hunting knife, slit many a throat that one!

“lone wolf calling wolf den, over”

Sci- fi is of course another prominent genre and I do believe the first one for me was Independence Day is the first in this genre. It was the first movie that introduced me to aliens in science fiction. Unlike some, I didn’t have the luxury of having the ever-loved E.T. as my first onscreen alien but had to make do with extra-terrestrials which were hell bent on taking over/destroying earth. The movie of course had Will Smith in alien butt kicking mode, literally, with able support from Jeff Goldbum and they of course save the world.

One of the finest views of the White House in Film…

Notice how much smoke those colt’s produced

I’ll end with the first western I remember seeing which was unluckily a Mel Gibson flick, Maverick. Okay, using the word unfortunate may be a tad unfair but the next western I saw was The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly and it was so close to having the honor of being my first in this genre but alas maverick had to spoil the party. Maverick did give some gunslinger action bunch of con set pieces but clearly doesn’t match up to Sergio Leone’s flick. Maybe second look at it will change my mind, it did after all have Gibson in his prime and the lovely, now gay, Jodie Foster.

Thinking back I realize I hardly saw any Child friendly movies. Counting out Disney productions, I only remember little rascals and Richie Rich, I hadn’t even seen Home Alone. I’m sure I see more U movies now than ever, probably an attempt to hold on to simpler times. More on that later and a feature on some irrelevant film firsts.



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