I had originally thought of doing this for my church magazine and it probably will find its way there, but its WICWA for now.

At our area fellowship meeting in May we talked about fellowship among believers. Now on the surface, we may appear to be a fellowship but our discussion that day put me in my place and rightfully so. Our group looked at Acts 2:42-47 which basically outlines the basic tenets of a fellowship should be, the ideal. There should be prayer- check, teaching-check, breaking of bread-double check and FELLOWSHIP???.

“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer”

We can look at fellowship in two ways; the fellowship as a structure or institution like a couple’s fellowship or a youth fellowship. Then there is the other side to fellowship, the kind I believe Paul was driving at where he basically treats it as an action or activity which should be seen within the fellowship as a body.

Paul wasn’t a poet, he wasn’t driving at some insightful hidden meaning in the use of fellowship and no, it definitely wasn’t a tautology. He meant fellowship in the plainest sense; a sense of oneness, companionship and a close association between people. Simply put, Christians in the church being good friends to each other.

Friendship, for the most part, should come naturally to individuals. It’s easy for me to make friends in the neighborhood, at class and wherever but at church it kind of becomes a problem. HI’s are said after service, calls are only made when it concerns a particular meeting and that’s that. There is no quality time spent with members of our “fellowship”.

This shouldn’t be so. At this level we are at best acquainted with each other and there environment seems all corporate with everyone performing their roles but for us to call ourselves a fellowship that just does not cut it.

It’s essential that there is effective fellowship for there to be effective prayer and spot on teaching. If we don’t know what is going on each other’s life how then canny we support each other in prayer. It’s all good and well praying for Ghana or some other issue but some individuals would like some prayers too, I certainly would. Simply put, to be effective intercessors for each other we need to know the 411 of each other’s lives.

Devotion as always is key. I know I won’t become best friends with people at church overnight but I could at least try, same for everyone else. A call once a week, a text every now and then and then maybe some quality time with other church or fellowship members. Picnics and stuff are organized to help foster that sense of oneness but really it’s just touch and go and after a while they even become a burden. I for one don’t remember when I last went for a picnic at church, plain lack of effort on my part.

This is a part confession from me and others may relate to it but my take on it is simple, the bible demands that we as a church act as a close knit group or a family not a well-oiled machine. I haven’t been the poster boy for good relations in a fellowship but God willing that will change.

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