* this is a post from a previous blog of mine earlier in the year and maybe the next four five will be too. i messed up my previous site during some tinkering with the html and I’m opting for a fresh star here at wordpress. I only just started blogging so a few months ago so its not really a big deal, that being said have a good read*

This is my first crack at blog and yes, I do wish all I could do, nay, all I had to do was write about football and movies but for some reason that cannot be, why? Take guess. Maybe it’s because there’s so much more to life than just footy and movies or maybe it would be more “mature” of me to deal with more “important” stuff like say politics and religion. Then again, there is so much going on in my beautiful country Ghana that concerns me_ okay maybe not outright concern but there are a lot of things I find interesting or just plain funny and like most people, I have an opinion about some of the happenings and sharing it with the world or the two men or women or transvestites or incredibly smart monkeys that happen to stumble across my humble blog.

As all things should, I would like to start this blog in the name of my lord *does the sign of the cross* and talk about Easter. I saw The Passion of the Christ on for the first time on Friday and well, the movie was violent, very violent. I saw it with my mom and she seemed stunned, a far cry from all the Jesus films she had seen. Mel Gibson did a good job with directing and I would certainly like to see him in the directors chair again but that’s a piece for another day. Basically to me it seems like the Pharisees wanted him dead to cover the truth, makings of great conspiracy,  unfortunately the loose end of him actually rising again wasn’t one they anticipated.  Okay, okay it might be unfair to say they knew he was the son of God and were trying to hide that fact although it seemed that way in Mel Gibson’s interpretation of events but the point is he did suffer and more importantly die for us. The question as always is why? L_O_V_E. and again why love people who despise you? Because of Gods desire to see us get to the good old days when life was simple and man walked and talked with him in the Garden of Eden before  she we messed things up. He took on our sin and shame and was crucified on the cross so we would get the chance to get back to God start a walk with him. My favorite line from Passion of the Christ was “remember I am an innocent man forced to carry the cross of a condemned man” .These words were uttered by Simon of Cyrene when he was forced

 No Simon, you’re the condemned one.

to carry help Jesus carry his cross and it was funny he thought he was the innocent Jesus guilty when in actuality it was the other way round only Jesus wasn’t forced, he cared for us and desired to see us free from sin so the closed between us and God will be closed. There is also the small matter of the fact that we were all condemned and heading for hell and get this, he is the only way and I don’t know about you but I don’t fancy spending eternity in hell fire.His resurrection gives us hope for eternity in that upon us believing in the power of his death and resurrection we WILL be saved. This is not just a message for Easter but one we should think about every day of the week. The blood he shed for us is available 24\7.

In the words of a Steve Harvey “now that we got that outta the way” I’ll be doing a piece on my beloved Hearts of Oak, yeah right, MAN UTD/RED DEVILS/MANCHESTER UNITED/MOST AWESOME TEAM EVER. It’ll probably be lost in the sea of build ups to the Manchester derby on Monday night. Until then, I wish I could write about footy and movies_ and God willing I’ll get to do footy next week.

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Lover of the bleaker pleasures of cinema... and some good trash.

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