#endofanera AND A PIECE ON JOLIE


Been ages or well a few weeks since my last post and now WICWA makes a return and I know, I know you couldn’t be bothered. Anyway I was tied up exams as society says my worth is measured by how many A’s I get and by that standard I guess I’m not worth much but hell, all shall pass.

A lot has happened in the last month or so across board with the ever present court proceeding and no, there are no Tom Cruise –Jack Nicholas exchanges. A friend was expecting as he put it “a good exhibition of oratory skills”, whatever that is, and needless to say he was disappointed but then again its real life not Suits. At least for all the Kumawood fans out the, the proceedings have spawned some numerous pink sheet movies with our very own Marlon Brando at the forefront, Liwin (or however it’s spelt) so not all bad and also General Mosquito was getting his azonto on after one of the proceedings_ good for him, like he needs to do more to be taken seriously by me.


err??? Ok

Then there was the footy and anyone and everyone has decided hang up their boots and hair driers. Fergie, Scholes, Owen, Carra and the golden balls himself, Beckham but whose he kidding he retired the moment he left for LA and in any case he’s been half-dead to me since he left Old Trafford. I still love becks though_ no homo. Oh, and Zanetti may even follow with his long term injury although I think the much more reasonable bet is that he has mechanical innards and will probably come back from his lay off and play on forever. Speaking of forever, here’s a guy who’s been there for that long; Giggsy, Giggsy, Giggsy. His chest hair is probably, nay, definitely grey now. Now we all love him and wish he could go on forever but come on Giggs; all your mates are gone, you’ve won more trophies than most football clubs and your grand kids are older than Tom Cleverly. Give it a rest.

On Fegurson all that has to be said has been said. The songs have been sung, words said, tears shed and hair dryers unplugged but really why do the good ones have to retire, Bosingwa is probably going to go on till 42 and Redkapp I believe is secretly 80 and he possibly wants to go on for twenty more years. All in all my advice to guys and maybe (but most unlikely) girls is; don’t throw away your FIFA 13. It’s the last time you get to use Scholes, Giggs and Beckham together #endofanera #overusedhashtag.

The Angelina Jolie effect. This phrase or term means relatively nothing now but maybe in a few years we may be talking about how the AJ effect (much cooler) has saved millions of women from breast cancer. I’m sure you’ve heard about her preventive mastectomy decision and how it has inspired some women to take that step to prevent cancer but it wasn’t too long ago that she was this intense sexual presence making out with her brother and the perceived home wrecking and husband snatching. Okay it’s been a long while since all that but the point I’m making is in the past 5 – 8 years, her image has been undergoing a steady transformation. She is no longer Jolie the sex icon but Jolie the humanitarian and now potentially women’s health advocate. Someone tell Charlie sheen it’s not too late for him to start pastoring a church and becoming the poster boy for AA. This story and others about her humanitarian work show how relevant she is making herself so big ups to her and her massive PR turn around. She has been making big strides with her activism and humanitarian work and I hope she continues to make a difference where it really matters. It has been ages though since I saw her in something and I think she’s starring in one next year so I’m looking forward to it.

Speaking of movies, I saw, in my opinion, the first real solid movie of the 2013 in The Place Beyond the Pines with Bradley Cooper, Ryan Gosling but Ray Liotta and yes he plays a corrupt Italian cop, same as every other film he doesn’t play a gangster. That’s a wrap for today though, more on that in my next post…good day or night night or whatever.

*this is the last of my posts from my previous blog so, the big GUY up there granting, there will be a new piece sometime next week*

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